Thursday, February 15, 2024

Dreama Walker and Elisabeth R hm

Dreama Walker was born in Tampa Florida United States on 20th June 1986 is an extremely popular TV Actress. Her appearances on ABC's Believe in the b- or Gossipgirl are her most notable. Also, she had a role recurring in The Good Wife. She was the daughter of Clint Eastwood. Dreama Elyse Walker, born June 20, 1986, is an American actor. She is best known for her supporting role in the show Gossip Girl, as well as her lead role Compliance (2012). Walker was the character Connie Stevens for Quentin Tarantino in the film Once Upon A Time Hollywood (2019). Walker was seen as Ashley Kowalski who is the grandchild to Clint Eastwood's character from Gran Torino. Walker was in the film as Ashley Kowalski, the granddaughter Clint Eastwood played in Gran Torino. Also, she appeared in Compliance. Her family was from Tampa Florida. Elyse Walks is her mother. She married Christopher McMahon on Hawaii in the year 2015. Elisabeth Rohm...................Elisabeth Rohm is one of the most popular and richest TV Actress who was born on April 28 1973 in Dusseldorf North Rhine-Westphalia Germany. German-American actress who played the character Kate Lockley in television series Angel and also a part of the cast in Lake Placid: The Final Chapter in 2012. She played alongside David Boreanaz as a Detective on the suspenseful show Angel. Angel was a suspenseful and thrilling drama. In 2007, following two years of dating she got married to Ron Anthony Wooster. They welcomed their first child Easton August, in April 2008.

Dreama Walker Dreama Walker Dreama Walker Elisabeth R hm Elisabeth R hm Elisabeth R hm

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Adele Jergens and Adriana Lima

Adele Jergens is the most known and well-known actress from America recognized for her role as Miss World fairest in 1939 at the New York world fair. The parents of her were born and lived in Brooklyn. Following her time from Brooklyn some sources say that her parents relocated to another state. However she has always been a good and excellent pupil in the elementary school and has always developed good relationship with the other kids. Adele has had some of the most memorable moments in her life with Sands, his family and close friends. Her first meeting with her husband took place during her San Francisco sets of a newly released film. In the following months, the two couples got married. They shared their personal experiences as well as their marriage up until the time when the actress died. Their sole children is Tracy Langan, a film-technician. They have a young son. In 2001, news of the son dying because of a brain tumor was causing everyone to be very sad. Adriana Lima....................Adriana Lima is a Brazilian model and actress whose talents have set her apart in both niches. Gemini and Salvador Bahia Brazil is where she was born. Lima's race is mixed. Lima is Portuguese Native Brazilian African Japanese Swiss West Indian. Nelson Torres Lima's parents are Maria das Gracas Lima. Her father worked as carpenter while her mother was a social worker. After her father's departure from her family, she only six months old. The mother of her child brought her to Salvador in the Castelo Branco area of Salvador. Lima's career in modeling began when she participated in a modelling contest as support for a female friend who was not willing to take part alone. Ford's Supermodel of Brazil, a model competition for 15-year-olds she came in first. Elite Model Management, New York City. In 1997 she moved to New York City. She was able to make the New York Fashion Week runway debut that same year Anna Sui. Lima, since then has been seen on the runways of countless designers including Fendi Vera Wang Christian Dior MIu Miu among others. The first time she was featured in a magazine was for Marie Claire Brazil. Her debut Victoria's Secret Angel cover appeared in 1999.

Adele Jergens Adele Jergens 1 Adele Jergens 2 Adele Jergens 3 Adriana Lima d Adriana Lima h Adriana Lima n

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Aleksei Archer and Alex Guarnaschelli

Aleksei has been a famous American actress, model, and dramatic performer, hailing from New York. TV stars are celebrating their birthdays on the 14th of August. 14. It was her first TV appearance in 2007. The first time she was on screen was in the short film before she modelled for the first time. Aleksei is involved with several other businesses, which include a short film, television modeling Motion pictures etc. She began her television career. She remained in the industry for over 14 years. Aleksei has completed her schooling in America and attended both the elementary school and professional school as well as his siblings. In addition, she was attentive to her academic speed but preferred to pursue artistic activities like singing drama, sitcoms etc. Alex Guarnaschelli...................Alex Guarnaschelli is the daughter of cookbook editor Maria Guarnaschelli and John Guarnaschelli. She was born in St. Louis but soon was moved from there to New York City just a couple of days old. She received an art history degree from Barnard College in 1991. She was a waitress at An American Place in New York City for a full year. Still Guarnaschelli's culinary experience started when she watched her mother cook a range of dishes in her kitchen while editing cookbooks. She worked under Larry Forgione and then at various restaurants in New York France and Los Angeles which included Guy Savoy's La Butte Chaillot. She became the head chef at Butter. Guarnaschelli competed in 2007 Farmers Market Battle on Food Network's Iron Chef America, where she faced Cat Cora. Then she appeared as a judge on the program as well as in the 2011 season of The Next Iron Chef season four, where she finished third runner-up. She also competed on an episode of the Food Network Challenge Ultimate Thanksgiving Feast which she lost. She was appointed sous-chef of Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian after the fourth season of The Next Iron Chef. In 2008, she was the host of Food Network's The Cooking Loft with Alex Guarnaschelli who teaches a small group of students instructing them on how to reinvent classic dishes.

Aleksei Archer Aleksei Archer Aleksei Archer Alex Guarnaschelli Alex Guarnaschelli Alex Guarnaschelli

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Leven Rambin

Leven Rambin, an American actress, is known for playing the half-sisters Ava Benton & Lily Montgomery who look alike as in All My Children. Also, she has had regular roles in TV shows like One Tree Hill Wizards of Waverly Place Grey's Anatomy CSI: Miami Grey's Anatomy. Her big-screen appearances include The Hunger Games (a science fiction film) and Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters, an action fantasy. Rambin is from the state of Texas resident who grew up with her 3 siblings. After graduating at Texas Tech University's Independent School District she went to the Houston School of Film and Theatre and was able to perform in school productions. Rambin also writes fashion editorials as well as plays an actor. She has been published in Page Six and Paper Magazine.

Leona Leven Leven Leven Linda

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Rosie Huntington

Rosie Huntington Whiteley (born in England) is a famous English model and businesswoman. Her meteoric rise to fame started with her role as the female protagonist in the Transformers films. Since then, she's appeared in many other films such as Mad Max Fury Road, The Meg and others. She is known for her collaboration with Victoria's Secret a well-known American designer, manufacturer and marketer of women's lingerie womenswear as well as beauty products. She is also known for her work with Burberry which is a British luxury fashion house as she was the spokesperson for Burberry Body, their fragrance. Burberry Body. She eventually moved into acting and played a supporting role in the American sci-fi action movie Transformers Dark of the Moon that was the third film in the popular Transformers films. The film was a huge success and earned well over $1 billion. It was also nominated for multiple Oscars. In the following years, she appeared in the action-film Mad Max Fury Road. It was the success of the film that enabled her to transition successfully into acting after having been a model. Through her entire career, she's been recognized with numerous honors, such as being awarded the Elle Style Award 2009 Model of the Year Award, and the Harper Bazaar Women of the Year Award 2014, which is for the Businesswoman of the Year. Forbes magazine also ranked her among the best models in the world.

Rosie Rosie Rosie Jennifer Jennifer

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Agnes Bruckner

Agnes Bruckner was born August 16th, 1985 in Los Angeles California United States. Her name is among the most well-known and wealthy Hollywood movie actresses. She played Sandra Bullock alongside her in the movie Murder by Numbers. Agnes Bruckner (born August 16 1985 is an American model, actress, and actor. The actress began her acting career in the television industry during the latter half of 1990 and was later seen in several films, including The Woods, Blue Car Murder by Numbers Blood and Chocolate and The Anna Nicole Story. The career of Bruckner began at the age of 11. The actress appeared in commercials on some television pilots as well as in the soap opera daytime The Bold and the Beautiful in 1999. At the age of 15 Bruckner was given her first lead part in an independent movie Blue Car (2002) in which she played a high school student involved in an affair with her teacher who was played by David Strathairn. Film reviewer Roger Ebert wrote that Bruckner negotiates this difficult script with a complete confidence. Bruckner was awarded the Independent Spirit Award as "Best female role" for her performance. Her upbringing included three siblings: one brother and two sisters. Her mother tongue was Hungarian as she often practised the language to stay fluent. Bruckner was born in Hollywood California to a Hungarian father as well as the Russian mother. They later divorced. Her paternal grandfather was German. In Hungary, her parents first met and then immigrated to America in 1984 via a refugee settlement in Italy. She has a sibling and brother.

Adriene Agnes Agnes Agnes Agnetha

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Alexandra Raisman

Aly Raisman is an American gymnast and was a member and the captain in the 2012 fierce 5 and the 2016 Final Five US Women's Olympic Gymnastics team. Aly Raisman was awarded three gold medals in the 2012 Olympics at London. She also took her bronze on the balance beam. She became one of the few American to earn the most Olympic medals. In the 2016 Olympics she took home a gold medal in the team competition, earning her and teammate Gabby Douglas the credit of being the first Americans to win back-to-back gold medals for the team. Furthermore, she was awarded two silver medals for her floor exercise as well as individual all-around. Between the two Olympics she took off from competitive gymnastics during three consecutive years. In addition, she was part of the gold medal winning American team in 2 World Championships. Gymnastics was her first sport of choice when she was two and her most favorite sport is floor exercise. Aly has joined the Uniting Against Lung Cancer group in honour of her deceased grandma. She is planning to pursue the field of fashion, and would like to expand her signature line of leotards and socks in future. Fierce is a novel that she's been working on, is scheduled to release later in the year.

Alexandra Alexandra Alexandra Alexandra Alexandra